We are very proud of the fact that we have developed a strong network of satisfied clients who not only become long term repeat customers but also provide to us a significant amount of referral business.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

"I was fortunate to be able to work with Cliff in his role as a Strategic Consultant for our company. Cliff was a great asset on many projects in my department, from new website rollout, new product creation/rollout, product pricing strategy to Sales department reorganization. Cliff is extremely helpful in thinking of every task that needs to be covered no matter what the project involves. Things that I, nor others in the organization, would have thought of otherwise and also breaking down those tasks into steps in order to reach the goal of project completion. Cliff also participated in some trainings at our National Sales meeting. All of our Sales reps always enjoyed and benefited from what Cliff had to say. If you have a problem or project and need someone to come in and put a strategic plan together, then Cliff is the perfect person for that job. I definitely benefited from the time I was able to work closely with Cliff and would welcome his insight on any future project I have."

General Manager

"I have worked with Cliff for over 15 years as a colleague and, more recently, as a client. When I heard that Cliff was working in a strategic advisory role, I was eager to hire him because Cliff is one of the smartest people I know. He asks insightful questions and has outstanding listening skills. He can take a complex problem and develop clear and understandable solutions. Cliff also has the ability to build consensus across teams, keep projects on track, and deliver results. Most recently Cliff helped me review data on some price testing and developed a method for analyzing the results that gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with a price increase. Not only is Cliff smart, but he has a fantastic sense of humor and is fun to work with. I would recommend Cliff to any organization looking for a sharp mind that can provide insight, analysis and results."


"Cliff is the clearest and most analytical thinker I know, with a unique ability to make the very complex incredibly simple. Cliff is a result-driven person who consistently builds solid relationships. He has endless patience working with key stakeholders to build consensus and keep projects on-track."

Senior Vice President

"Cliff is true team player and works collaboratively with colleagues, physicians and teammates to create a results driven, team oriented environment. Cliff succeeds in maximizing resources in order to accomplish key metrics, supports his team and those around him and has mastered the fickle art of 'leading change'".

Director of Sales

"I have had the great fortune to be able to work with Cliff as a benefactor of his business consulting. Not only did he provide me with practical and strategic guidance in my role as Director of Sales, but Cliff is a genuinely pleasant person to be around. His knowledge of the business landscape is quite impressive, and his real-world suggestions are spot on for dealing with the challenges that leaders face in today’s business climate. I highly recommend Cliff."

Director, Public Innovation and Engagement

"I had the opportunity to work with Cliff in the design of a new strategic planning process. In addition to experience and insight, Cliff brought stellar listening skills and humor to a challenging endeavor. I've tapped his smarts for subsequent projects and he's always delivered."

Director North America Marketing & Sales

"Cliff takes a practical approach to strategic thinking which leads to the development of commercially viable business opportunities and positive outcomes. He has strong, sharp analytical skills which he leverages to provide valuable insights and practical applications. Cliff has a unique ability to create clear, coherent, actionable solutions to highly complex business challenges. He is a team player whose collaborative approach and friendly disposition make him a pleasure to work with."

SVP & GM Education Content

"Cliff encourages us to think creatively about the issues facing our business and challenges us to be responsive to the needs of our ever changing market. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Ever the team player, he is always willing to work along side to help guarantee a successful result in negotiations. His unmatched sense of humor makes him a great deal of fun as well!"

SVP & GM Digital Products

"Cliff is an insightful business leader with exceptionally strong financial acumen. He is an adept negotiator with a successful track record of delivering on business objectives. Cliff’s keen knowledge and insights into the educational technology market makes him an invaluable asset."

Professor and Department Chair, Graduate Programs in Nursing

"Cliff has a wealth of experience in business development, particularly with identifying sound business strategy and creating innovative pricing models. His abilities to listen, analyze, and synthesize information from all stakeholders in a business, so that he can both develop the 'big picture' view, yet simultaneously be attentive to important details as part of the strategy development process, are typical of his many outstanding attributes."

CEO, Professor, and Entreprenneur

"Cliff is one of the smartest and understandable strategist I know. At a tactical level, he has the unique ability to understand complex problems and develop clear and understandable approaches to deal with the situation. At a strategic level, he worked with clients to develop compelling and comprehensive strategies at all levels of their organizations."

VP and Head Global Corporate Relations

"He has a keen eye for how effective communications can drive business objectives and is always providing great advice to help shape our campaigns in the health education market. Corporate communicators need partners in the business that ‘get’ PR, and Cliff is one to rely on."

Executive Director of Quality Assurance

"Cliff's knack to focus a dispersed team on the actual problem at hand is amazing and his ability to get people on board and enthusiastic around new ideas is incredible. Even in situations where folks who were initially on completely different paths and had separate goals, Cliff will get the job done and get it done right. For a leader of any team who is driving for success I cannot recommend Cliff highly enough."

Pricing Analyst

"I have never lost my amazement of how he is able to break down the most complex problems and address them in new and innovative ways time and time again. Not only does he respond with innovation and passion but he is able to execute powerful solutions and communicate breakthrough ideas in simple, yet effective terms that are easily understood and accepted by anyone in the organization. I have truly found Cliff to be a person of high integrity, dedication and success with which anyone would be proud to be associated."